In Class 12, students at Little Yarra Steiner School have the option to undertake a major Independent Project in addition to the Main Lessons, VCE subjects and associated work requirements. This independent study is a year-long project that allows the student to explore an area of individual interest; it also develops and strengthens their ability to do independent work of both a personal and wider value.

The Project enables them to engage in self-directed learning with the support of a Mentor and Supervisor. It is multi-disciplinary in its scope and format. It may have artistic, technical, practical and academic elements and is presented to the school community in Term IV.

This website has been produced so the students can show the wider community the key elements of their projects. This has been organised to replace the element of a public showing that was not able to be achieved this year. Instead, we asked the students to construct a display that they spoke about; this was recorded and is an element on each student's page.

Other elements that may be found on each student's page are: key pages from their research journals, photographs of their process and/or final product, short videos of their product, links to external websites that they constructed, and a message from their Mentor that explains who they are and gives context to what the student achieved. Further elements depend on the scope of the individual project and the student.

Below you will find a self-portrait of each student. This was completed within the last week of formal classes. (Pictures updated 21 Nov, 2021.)

The following students have undertaken the Independent Project in 2021.

Please click on their name or self portrait to access details of their project.

These students chose to undertake the ATAR pathway and have completed their exams.

Class 12 2021 - Noah 2