In Between Life

Hoshi Kiers-Bontjer

This year I undertook a construction based project. Originally the idea was to build a solid walled yurt-inspired building. The product was then changed to a viewing platform. A place to get some space or for people to come together.


This is how it started


This is how it ended




Hello my name is Josh Tucker. This year I had the privilege of mentoring Hoshi.

I believe Hoshi chose me as a mentor as I had just finished building our own home which is a yurt. I have a range of skills that came in handy to some degree, and maybe the best reason, was that we live on the same road.

Hoshi chose to build a yurt for her project. This is quite an undertaking which required a 'starting from scratch' approach as it was using a unique method.

Hoshi spent many months formulating complex design intricacies for a structure which would be movable and built from plywood as the frame and internal cladding. I might add that the Yurt has quite a bit of family history for Hoshi.

There came a time when physical progress was needed. This step was building a round raised platform on which the Yurt would sit. Hoshi really shone in this area. Wood was chosen, ordered, delivered and the build was underway. For everyone this felt like a great step forward. It also became a playground for her brothers and sister and a place out of the mud. During the project a level of uncertainty arose around the proposed project. After some great brainstorming Hoshi decided to build a unique roof over the round deck and make it a hang out space and keep it open for what the future may bring.

What you see in the photos is the creation of a wonderful organic build that Hoshi, her family and myself created together.  We collected posts from the bush and were gifted recycled tin and wood for the roof. The journey had many ins and outs and turns along the way though in the end the project was complete.

Hoshi proved herself to be a very strong and capable builder. For me I got the pleasure of working with Hoshi and her family and forming many lasting memories and friendship. Well-done Hoshi and good luck for the coming years.