Discovering Man 

By Jordan Sharman

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My Interview Questions 

  • `What is your definition of masculinity? 

  • What do you think it means to be a man? 

  • What experience do you have looking into and working with masculinity?

  • What about masculinity and toxic masculinity drew you to look deeper into the topic.

  • How do you feel the topic of masculinity was addressed when you were growing up? 

  • Do you feel like toxic masculinity is affecting the world more or less than it was when you were growing up? 

  • Did your experiences growing, contribute to your world view or interests in relation to masculinity? 

  • Do you feel safe in expressing your many sides your masculinity?

  • Do you feel safe expressing your many sides of your femininity?

  • In your opinion what conditions in the society lead to these traits and behaviours of toxic masculinity being found in men and women and culture? 

  • Is there a system going on here in Australia that sets up the context for this problem with masculinities? 

  • Do you know any inspiring examples of positive masculinities? 

  • What visions and exciting ideas have you got for a different way of expressing masculinity in our time in Australia and in the wider world?

  • What are your actions to move toward this new evolution of a more balanced masculinity?

Message from Mentor 
Steven Smith

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