Static Eyes

For my Class 12 Independant Project, I created a short animated film.

The film explores themes of dementia, human connection, identity and hope. 

I produced a story script, character designs, a story board, the begining of an animatic and the start of a polished animation. 


By Tara Hamer

Character Design

These are the characters I designed for the film. I designed them in a similar art style to what I usually use, but tried to simplify the designs so that the I would be able to animate the characters fairly easily.

Animation and Editing Programs

I used a free app called Krita for animation and art, and Premier Pro for editing. 


This is the beginning of my animatic (rough animation plan). Although it looks quite undesirable, the animatic is crucial in breaking down movements and planning out scenes which will be later refined. This animatic was also a chance for me to trial some sound effects during early editing to really try and create an atmosphere for the film. 

Final Animation

This is the final animation for the first few shots of the story. It includes the refined art style, smoother movement, lip syncing, the chosen colour palette, a title and credits at the end. 

Mentor Video

This is a link to the video submitted by my mentor, David Schembri, of him speaking about the project.